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I will work with School Board members to provide clear lines to keep our curriculum clean of controversial politics and ideologies. Classrooms are not political battlegrounds. All families should trust that our schools will not impose the beliefs of one half of our divided society onto the other.

Build “Pony Pride” through academic achievement. All of our children must:

  1. Read at grade level

  2. Have grade level math literacy

  3. Have grade level science literacy

  4. Be inspired and guided by our history.


Focusing on academics, beginning with reading proficiently, our teachers and students will gain the necessary confidence to tackle math, science, and the study of history from all perspectives.

Our community can come together in our schools by focusing on what we all can agree on; the need for academic performance. Let’s leave the rest outside the door.

Diversity of Thought

All families should trust that our schools will not impose the beliefs of one half of our divided society onto the other.

  • Individuals have differences. Tolerance is not for those we agree with, but for those we have differences with.

  • Clear direction from the School Board can help students and staff to leave divisive politics outside of our school doors and promote real tolerance in Stillwater’s schools.

  • Focusing on academics will provide teachers greater freedom to customize academic instruction without fear of stepping outside of parental expectations.

It fosters greater emphasis on academic achievement.

Supporting Teachers

Kids have parents to parent them. Teachers must teach.

  • Teachers are being asked to do too many other things.

  • Students are individuals with individual needs.

  • When individual students have disciplinary or psychological needs, rather than diverting teachers and classrooms from their academic purpose, we should meet those needs outside

The Pro-Human Pledge

What Does it Mean to be Pro-Human? Being pro-human means advocating for one human race, individual civil rights and liberties, and compassionate opposition to racism and intolerance that is rooted in dignity and our common humanity.

I have taken the pro-human pledge.

  • Fairness. “I seek to treat everyone equally without regard to skin color or other immutable characteristics. I believe in applying the same rules to everyone, and reject disparagement
    of individuals based on the circumstances of their birth.”

  • Understanding.  “I am open-minded. I seek to understand opinions or behavior that I do not necessarily agree with. I pursue objective truth through honest inquiry. I am tolerant
    and consider points of view that are in conflict with my convictions.”

  • Humanity.  “I recognize that every person has a unique identity, that our shared humanity is precious, and that it is up to all of us to defend and protect the civic culture that unites us.”

Take the pledge or find out more at The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism's (FAIR) website HERE

Role of a Board Member


2021 MN Statute 123B.09 Boards of Independent School Districts

Subd. 8. Duties: The board must superintend and manage the schools of the district; adopt rules for their organization, government, and instruction; keep registers; and prescribe textbooks and courses of study. The board may enter into an agreement with a postsecondary institution for secondary or postsecondary nonsectarian courses to be taught at a secondary school, nonsectarian postsecondary institution, or another location.

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