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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Mother of four and long time Stillwater community member, I am proud to live, work, play and raise my family in this Valley!


I am a highly competent human seeking an opportunity to serve the future of our community while building life-long relationships. Efficacious while remaining mindful, I do my best to lead by example. Seeking first to understand the issue(s), knowing that decisions will have an impact on the community for decades to come. Reasonably knowledgeable in local, state, national, and global education and history thereof. I’m committed to represent the entire community equally and not surrender to special interest or partisan groups. Having a willingness to listen thoughtfully, I respect the opinions, concerns and sovereignty of all others.

I am a recent graduate of the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce's Leadership in the Valley program. Currently , I am serving as a member of the Stillwater Energy Action Committee, collaborating with community members with a focus on future sustainability and affordability of energy both residential and commercial. I am an active community champion and volunteer. 

As an individual some of my favorite past times and interests include: reading, gardening, playing and coaching team sports, DIY projects and caring for our chickens! As a family, we enjoy camping, traveling, live music and seeking out and sharing in new experiences! 



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